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starter motor

Guest squiretom

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Guest Squire Tom

infrequently when the car is in hot weather , the starter motor sometimes groans like a low battery and then will spin and start fine.

in the olden days it used to be a sign of a ' dead spot ' on the commutator .

most often occurs when o/s temp is 90 + and the car is shut off for a small amount of time , say 10 to 15 minutes , like stopping at Publix for a beer and pizza run .

i assume the starter motor is generic GM and is it difficult to replace ?

any other ideas ?

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The Reatta had two different starter motors and it appears that the gear reduction unit was used on some Reattas. I have not seen any details on when the different ones were used.

The gear reduction starter is more expensive and can be replaced with a conventional starter.

I have found when a starter is giving you problems, especially when hot, the brushes are about shot. You might find a locally owned parts house that will carry brushes but you many need to go to a starter/generator rebuilding shop to get them.

The Reatta starter is no big problem to change, it is just in a tight place.

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Guest Squire Tom

thanx barney .. i will relay info to my local reattafixer.

by the way , there are 3 reattas in leesburg florida...go figure !

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