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1926 Chrysler Gas Gage

Bill Boudway

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Does anyone have repair info for repairing a gas gage on our 1926 Chrysler?

The gage is the type with a capillary tube between the tank and the readout on the dash.

If I remember, there was an article in Skinned Knuckles Magazine some time ago.

Any help will be appreciated.


Bill Boudway:)

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Contact the nearest "30's Ford parts supplier" They have the fluid, the rods to correctly adjust the units and the full instructions. Many cars used the same system but the Fords seem to be the only suppliers that have the kit these days. You may not need the kit today but the instructions will allow you to trouble shoot your problem.

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If the gauge uses the red fluid, it is the King Seeley type and several vendors offer replacement or repair kits.

Buick's use the same type and Bobs Automobilia sells it: Bob's Automobilia Look for:

GG-290 :29-30 Gas Gauge Kit (red fluid & tubing to tank) with instructions

$ 30.00

Gas gauge red fluid and copper tubing repair kit with instructions.

The main concept behind it is the red fluid has a density four times greater than gasoline which means it will respond to the gasoline's pressure in the tank at a rate of one fourth (one quarter). A four inch amount of gas in the tank translates to a one inch movement of red fluid on the glass tube. If the copper capillary tubing supplied in the kit isn't long enough for your Chysler, you could carefully solder two together using a brass sleeve from the hobby shop as a coupler or buy a long enough tubing from a commercial refrigeration supplier.

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