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who is going and when


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Well I know that some of you left for the Nationals in Colo Springs, so who is going and is anyone comming thru Kansas? We are leaving on Monday sometime and will make a stop in Lamar Colo and then on to Colo Springs some time on Tuesday and arrive late Tuesday nite.

Anybody close let me know


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Guest Mark K

We are leaving Southern MN Monday morning, not going through Kansas though. I35 south to Des Moines, I80 West. Hope to reach North Platte NE sometime late afternoon and spend the night there. On to CS Tuesday morning. Anybody else going this way?


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Guest mgibson

We are already on the way. We are in Bolivar, MO tonight (Sunday) and will be heading into Kansas on Monday. We will be going thru Wichita and Dodge City.

Anne and Martel Gibson

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