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Safety: Proper Use of Floor Jack & Jack Stands on LZ Sedans

Guest friscozephyr

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Guest friscozephyr

Anyone have any favorite, proven & safe ways to raise a LZ four door sedan and placing them on a pair of jack stands.

Currently I am thinking of placing the jack stands on either the rear axle or rear cross members for work on the back of the car.

For work on the front I am considering the front axles or the front frame cross members.

I will probably use either a 6 ton or 12 ton, ratchet type jack stand (preferably made in USA, factory tested and meeting ASME standards !!) and will block the wheels that are on the ground. I have looked at a lot of made in China jack stands and do not like the quality.

My garage is not only a slab-on-grade but is also a mat foundation while lots reinforcing steel( I live in California earthquake country.

I think I will also load test the jack stands 24 hours prior to getting underneath.

I really do not want to take any chances under this car. I have read that a lot of people get killed from working under their car.

If anyone has any other advise please let me know.

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I was just talking with a buddy of mine about this very subject today. One day when I was about 16 years old a '67 Corvair jack broke...with my legs under it. Luckily, I was not hurt, just pinned. I learned a big lesson that day. I always raise the rear by using a floor jack under the differential. When it is high enough, I slip steel car ramps under each tire. Then I raise the front by the cross member and slide ramps under the front tires. If working on the actual drive train, I put three ramps under and a jack stand further inboard on the corner I am working on. It may take a while to do, but dyin' aint no fun, either!

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Guest friscozephyr

Amen to "dying ain't no fun"

Thats a great procedure. Looking back I am surprised I have never been hurt of killed. Years ago I would get under a car supported only by a scissor lift or a bumper lift (remember those).

There is so much cheap stuff out there ( e.g, plastic auto ramps)that it scary. You really have to pay to get good stuff but its a hell of lot cheaper then getting killed.

The LZ sedan is rated at only 3600 pounds but I am going to get the 12 tons jack stands anyway since they have such a wide base 12" x 15". I might also get a set of good quality six ton jack stands and place them under the frame as a back up as well as leaving the floor jack underneath.

Stay safe everyone !!!

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