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1968 Riviera evaporator coil NEED HELP


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Hi, I'm trying to source a new evaporator coil for my 68 riv, here in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. I've checked with the GM sources, and all my local rad shops, no luck. They only list back to 1971. My car has the manual AC, not automatic control. Any one have any ideas? I'm right across the river from Detroit, so I'm going to start investigating there next. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Clair McLean. ROA#7644.

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I don't think anyone makes these new. You have a couple options that I am aware of.

Depending what is wrong with yours theres a chance it can be repaired. Either Classic Auto Air or Old Air Products are good vendors.

Since these rarely go bad, used ones aren't too hard to find and should be fairly inexpensive. If you get a used one make sure it came from a car with a closed system. You should still send it to one of the places above to have it cleaned and and pressure tested. Perhaps you can find a local shop to pressure test it as well.

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Thanks for the info Jason. I looked up Old Air Products, and they have a new one. I think this is the route I will go as considering the labor involved to remove right front fender, I'll put new on, and hopefully only have to do this job once. Thanks again, Clair McLean. ROA 7644.

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