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Guest Room A/C


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The a/c in my recently acquired 1986 guest room is malfunctioning (well the a/c control came from a Buick). Odd thing is that the pressures seem ok but do not know if R-12 or R-134 (think R-12).

Has pressure - 95psi on low fitting (R-12 type) with engine off, 50 psi at idle, 20-30 psi at 2800 rpm (have a choice of 700, 1200, or 2800 rpm due to 20 foot throttle cable). When hits about 20 psi the compressor cycles & comes back on at about 40.

Could not connect high side - schrader valve would depress before I could screw fitting in. Oily foam came out - yellow/brown color (can tell if 12 or 134 from that ?). High pressure tube seems mildly hot but nothing is cold.

Suggestions ? I have a lot of theory but little practical experience.

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Guest Richard D

Hi Padgett, I am not an A/C engineer but try to be since I installed A/C in my 1965 Marlin, I was 17 at the time. It sounds like it is a R-12 system and could have a dirty orfice tube or bad expansion valve and maybe a receiver dryer that has become saturated. But since you have not had the system open that does not make much sense. Maybe someone will read this and laugh at my response and give you the correct info.

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Guest MauiWowee

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: CL_Reatta</div><div class="ubbcode-body">sorry but I think I missed something..... DID YOU GET YOUR LONG AWAITED VIXEN? </div></div>

He snuck a pic of it into his signature a while back to see if anyone was paying attention. cool.gif

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Did need to remove the furring strips and cut a little mirror clearance in the garage door (strictly not needed but my aim is not as good anymore).

Meanwhile anyone have more suggestions about the a/c ?


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