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1935 Buick Interior Color Fabric Options


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I have an original 1935 Buick with all original interior. The color of the mohair looks like it has a slight olive drab tint to it. What colors were available in 1935? So many restored cars have more of grayish tan color fabric interior. Where can I find the olive drab tinted mohair? I only need to recover the front seat and the arm rests.



My email address is: pint4@new.rr.com

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Guest 40series

I think you will find an example of the color you are looking for in the albums on my yahoo group. Most of the colors I have seen where not correct for the year but where done to the owners taste. Most models had a camel color or the olive grey you are describing. We have a company here locally called SMS auto fabrics that can provide you what you need.

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Guest outlaw car man


I've been doing an exhausting research project on my 33 90 7PS. Had two samples in the car of fabrics, one a olive drab/brownish broadcloth with an H design. The other a olive/brown mohair.

Car exterior is black.

Recently had the opportunity to meet another fella with a 33 90 7PS that was totally original. He had the same H material but more on the camel side color. He related to me the PO had searched everywhere for the original H broadcloth.

I'm probably going to do the mohair sample that was in the car- It's pretty much dead on to the LeBaron -Bonney 30-1 olive/brown mohair.

This maybe what you are looking for- Go to their web page and click on fabrics. www.LeBaronBonney.com You can request samples too 1-800-221-5408.

I don't know if it's correct or not but they can send a sample page for interior patterns for 1930-1935 Buick. However the piece left in my car didn't match these ???

I'm sure there are others, this is just what I've run across so far-



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