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Please help '47 Continental Conv

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Hello everyone

I was hoping some of you might be kind enough to give me advice/point me in some directions.

My grandfather recently passed away and left behind his '47 Continental convertible. He bought the car in I believe '68 and hasn't driven it much. It is running, appears complete to me (but I don't know about Lincolns) and seems free of any significant rust. It does however look very tired and I feel it needs a complete restoration.

I don't have any knowledge of the best place to sell this car. I would like it to go to someone who would care for it and return it to some of its former glory. I'm sure it would cost a lot to restore it so I doubt it's worth very much but if anyone could give me any guidelines I would be grateful.

Are there any problem areas that a prospective buyer would like details on (for example, when we sold his '72 Pantera people wanted to know about rust on the radiator mounts). I want to take good photos so any prospective buyer wouldn't feel like they've wasted their time.

Thank you for your help, and I apologize if this is the wrong forum.


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Welcome aboard, first I must say you are fortunate to

have received this car. All of these "Mark 1" Continentals

are true classics and very special cars.Do you have to sell the car? Hopefully it is in a garage. How complete is the car? that is to say does it have a V-12, lower mouldings,

correct air cleaner, correct wheel covers, correct steering wheel. These are items which are somewhat expensive to replace.

Not so bad when I got in the hobby in 1965. Are you in the

old car hobby? If your heart is not really in to this per-

haps you should sell it. As for problems in these cars , yes as for all old convertibles; the floors rusted and the

trunk floor also due to the design of the trunk lid. The gasket did not last forever. The engine, if not cared for

during daily use had some problems,but we all accept this

as the norm on a used V-12. If you wanted to sell, this club

website has a good forsale-postwar ad area. You could also

get in touch with a professioal auto appraiser. I have used

these in the past. There is a fee involved here. Good luck,

but please try to keep it. Larry

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Thank you Larry for your reply.

It seems like a really sturdy car with nothing particularly fragile on it. I posted it for sale on ebay as I do not have a place to put it, and it is the only remaining item in the garage of my grandfather's home which is for sale too. If anyone is interested in seeing pictures they are in the ebay listing (item# 230347842875) I would appreciate any comments. I would really like this to go to a good home.

Best wishes to all of you.


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