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66 Steering Wheel Turns Right to Left


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I am trying to 100% confirm the difference between a standard ratio and fast ratio steering box on a 66. If anyone has their 66 out for a drive, can you please check how many turns of the wheel it takes to go full right to full left?

The service manual states 3.5 turns full right to full left for the standard ratio. The faster ratio turns is not listed but based on the math, it should be about 1/2 turn less.

In 66, the fast ratio box was only available as an option if the GS package was ordered.

I have a GS and non-GS 66. Both cars turn exactly 3 full turns so either both of these cars have a quick ratio (highly unlikely) or the factory changed the standard box to a slightly faster ratio.

If I can get some feedback from other 66 owners, it should shed some light on whats going on.

Thank you

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