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Year 1999 Regal GSX SEMA

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Dear all,

I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this one:- advertised (for some considerable time) in UK is what is described as a "Regal GSX modified for the 1999 SEMA show". Does anyone know about this car? Do the mods make it of any parricular interest? The three photos in the ad of this yellow Regal don't really look terribly special, possibly excepting the 18" Budnik wheels, but perhaps that's just the photos.



Kathmandu, Nepal

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I believe that was a conversion package installed by American Sunroff Corporation on normal Regal GS cars. They also had similar packages for the similar Chevy Impala and Pontiac Grand Prix, I believe. There might have been several levels of equipment additions under the "GSX" package. Typically, they were appearance upgrades which could have also included a few engine tweaks (which would not hamper existing Federal emissions compliance).

American Sunroof Corporation was probably a regular vendor at the yearly SEMA show, so them having a special vehicle for display would be highly possible.

It was a totally "aftermarket" situation, rather than "factory installed". If you had one of the GM cars (like the RegalGS), you could take it to the conversion center and buy upgrades from the menu to the limit of your finances. Seems like the higher kits were about $10K, installed.

The key thing to any significant additional value would be documentation that the particular vehicle was actually displayed at SEMA, rather than being one "like" was displayed. If some of the modifications might have rendered the vehicle out of compliance with USA emissions or safety regulations, that might explain how it got to where it now is (which such non-compliance would not be an issue).

Just some thoughts,


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Guest marchi1

The yellow car you are referencing was actually tweaked by Thrasher performance, and was a show car with a few modifications, in that one most were cosmteic. It is a nice car, and one of the few modified Gs's of that model that were show cars (there were a couple of others).

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