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39 Dodge 4door fast back

Justin .H.

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Hi to all.I have spent the last few days stripping the black tar from the interior floor areas.What a job...However pleased that only a few rust patches exposed.I have also carefully removed the passenger side weather rail which was badly rusted,however in doing this disscovered that there is a substantial amount of lead filling around the top of the door frames,is this normal???.I have also noticed that where the central pillar joins the top door frame there is a small crack in the lead at both joins.Will this require work ie rewelding or is this normal for these cars.I am having trouble tracking down rebuild kits for the suspention and drum brakes over here any contacts would be great.



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Lead connections at the roof of your car is normal. That is how Chrysler installed the roof. My 1931 Dodges have it, also. You need to find a guy who has done lead body work or learn how. I would say to get in touch with Andy Bernbaum online. He should have or know where to get your brake parts.

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