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new found Packard

Guest AlK

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O.K. This is not mine but another new Packard owners find. He went to this guy in Birmingham looking for Ford Mustangs, one was a BOSS and the other a MACH I. Over in the corner was this black car, so he inquired about it. It turns out to be a 1946 Clipper. Last registered in 1966 and last driven n 1967 in parade. He inquired as to how much? He was told $1,500. No I did not misplace the comma and/or leave out digits FIFTEEN HUNDRED bucks. He wrote the check out so fast he melted the pen. Blew up all of the flat tires which held air, got it home, poured gas down the carb and got it running, stopped it with the emergency brake.

Now for the want list, a set of wiper arms, a little piece of chrome that goes behind the Godess of Speed hood ornament and a brake master cylinder. anybody know where these items can be obtained. And yes I am working getting him into PAC

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