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Identifying Dodge motor


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Most of the motors with a 25 inch head, were used in trucks over 1 ton here in the states as far as I know. Light trucks used a 23 and 1/2 inch engine 218 or 230 CID at least in the 1950's. I think the larger motor was a 251 CID. Massey Harris used a Chrysler industrial engine in some of the model 33 tractors of the 1950's. Can't tell you anymore than that mate. smile.gif Dandy Dave!

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Not sure on the gaskets for a 251, but would specify that you have the larger engine. Most of my knowledge is with mid to late 50's dodge pickups. The pickups went from a 218 CID engine, To a 230 CID engine in about mid 1954. The clutch went from an a 10 inch to an 11 inch in 1957. Dandy Dave!

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