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1932 Packard Twin Six Parts Wanted


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I have adopted an upgrade project to a 1932 Packard Twin Six 7 Passenger Sedan that has been recently donated to Citizen's Motor Car Company, America's Packard Musuem in Dayton Ohio. The car is a super decent original that has been off the road since the mid 1960's.

The list of needed parts is as follow:

Right and left Stone Guard clamps for 905 Twin Six

Taillight Stand for Drivers side

Set of new or lightly used 7:50 X 18 tires

2 Packard Twin Six hubcaps emplems in super decent condition but need not be perfect shape

1 rear quarter window glass and one rear door window glass for a 7 passenger sedan- the more yellow the glass the better (I need to match yellow glass in the rest of the car).

Could also use a decent sized piece of Packard brown (medium) broadcloth upholstery to replace a back panel on one jump seat.

Pair of sidemount mirrors (for over top of covers) - chain type.

One metal packard trunk in original condition - prefer one in original paint that is a color complimentary to the color brown.



John M. Mereness, Esq.

(513) 531-2913


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