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I'm back! but not for long :(

Guest TommyH

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Well, it has been fun, and I will miss it. Guys, and gals, I have decided to move on, I am selling my Reatta.

I am strongly looking at an Allante or 635csi to replace it.

Well, I have a ton of parts and peices, including two tailights, a completely treaded set of wheels, owners books, all kinds of other stuff.

I am not sure though what to ask for my Reatta. It has 95k miles, and a small start on the windsheild. Great tires with lots of tread, and no rust. Everything works. I paid $3200 for it 1.5 years ago. I really like it, but its time to move on.

Anyways, I wanted to thank all of you for all of your help and advise! I may drop in every once in a while to see whats going on and if I can lend a hand.

Thanks guys, for everything!

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