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Master cylinder rebuild


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I went to my local Napa store last weekend to see if there was any chance they could order a rebuild kit for my 41 LZ master cylinder and they had it in stock! Problem is, the parts are a little different than the original. I think I got the assembly right except for a grommet with a hex shaped hole, which I put in right after the aluminum spool on the end with the holes. The little valve that goes into the bore first was also different than the original, which has a very light spring loaded diaphragm. Anyone had experience with Napa rebuild parts?


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o.k., I'll answer my own question. With trial and error I found the valve that Napa provides that installs next to the outlet doesn't work, and the grommet doesn't seem to serve any purpose. The only combination of parts that worked was to use the old valve and replace the old spool and end seal with the Napa parts. Seems to work great, but I'll find out for sure when I come to that first hill...

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