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Original-style Buick Chromed Alternator


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Nice older, original GM chromed alternator, great for your Buick. Made in U.S.A. This is NOT a recent, imported reproduction unit. This used chromed alternator is unique these days in that it features the original 1963-1975 GM housing style AND an original GM chromed double-grooved pulley and fan. It uses all of your original GM hook-up plugs and wires. (This is not a one wire, internally regulated alternator. Rather, it uses your free-standing, stock voltage regulator.)

This 63-65 amp. alternator fits many 1963-75 Buicks, including GS, Skylark, Riviera and Invicta. The alternator worked well, when removed from one of my cars this past fall. However, since this is an electrical item, it is being sold “as is”. The alternator chrome is very presentable. But, keep in mind, this piece was manufactured some years ago and is used, so don’t expect the chrome to be totally perfect.

Because of the original GM case, pulley and fan appearance, this would be a super chromed alternator for a special Buick project. $95, plus shipping. Just click on the thumbnail photos for bigger pictures. Thanks, John



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