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1906 Orient Tune up


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Can anyone help with tune up specs or engine operation tips for a 1906 Orient 1 cyl 4hp. I would like to know the proper gaps for the points and plug.

Also if any info on the oiling of the engine. It has an oil box and a hand pump to inject oil into the engine. From what I can find you are supposed to drain the engine oil and replace the oil with 1 pump full every 20 miles. Does this sound right?

Thanks Matt

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Guest imported_Joe Kieliszek


In the case of the Buick model 14 (an opposed 2 cylinder;

manufactured 1910-11), the oil simply drained out as fast

as it was pumped in. There is a brass plug gadget in the

bottom of the engine case with a spring loaded steel ball.

This limits the oil level within the motor. Also there is

the centrifical oil slinger also known as the flywheel

behind the engine which spews lubricant via the

rear bearing. The Detroit lubricator on the engine of

my vehicle (a 1911) has individual drip adjusting valves

for 4 lines (2 for cylinder jugs, 2 for end bearings).

According to the original Buick literature for the model

14 "On all new cars sent out, the oil pumps are regulated

to throw a generous amount of oil."

"The cylinders should recieve two drops for each stroke

of the pump."

I have not started my rebuilt engine yet, so this is the

setting I'll go by for that point in time...

As far as a plug and point setting, .025" of an inch is a

good starting point for engines of the era (works on my dad's

Buick model 10, anyway).

The platinum points are the biggest culprit for a rough running

motor with no power; these should be checked every couple of


Thanks and Happy Motoring,


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Guest winton

This is probably a deDion type engine. The early deDion oiling system involved dumping all of the crank case oil every 20 miles Then using a measuring reserve "tank" holding ?perhaps 1/2 pint of oil to fill the crankcase. The Orient (ours is 1907) usually has a brass oil pump & probably ?????????????? one full pump load would fill the crankcase properly. I have never found the answer to this. The deDion engines require about a cup of oil and possibly this would hold for Orients as well.--winton

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Guest winton

By the way, a reasonable way to determine the amount of oil to put into the crankcase is to start with two full pumps. If the car shows blue smoke, drain the oil and try 1 1/2 pumps. If the blue smoke still is seen, try 1 1/4 pumps etc. You won't be far wrong if you pump in just a little less than causes the car to smoke. This also will use up a lot of your spare time--good luck. -winton

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Guest Steve_Heald

If you haven't contacted them already, perhaps the AACA Library and Research Center has the information you're seeking. The collection includes a vast amount of literature on early vehicles, and they might just have the answers to your Orient questions.

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Hi Matt- If you still need info on your Orient I think this man can help you. He has owned several thru the years and is very knowlegable regarding their mechanics. His name is Vince Chimera and resides in Sunrise, Florida. He is a member of the Horseless Carriage Club also. --Bob

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