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Dickson Rear Door Safety Locks


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I have a couple packages of the same type of lock. Kaiser Frazer marketed them as 'kiddie door locks', meant to be used in the days before you could disable the rear inside door latches on the car. Most install on the outside of the car so you won't see many today as most folks don't want to mar the paint by installing the lock. They're value is in the unopened package as a display item.

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Actually they are a great device if you travel with young children (grandchildren, etc.) in the back seat of cars with rear suicide (front opening) doors. I installed a set (factory option) on my 1951 Studebaker sedan when my kids were young for a measure of protection. When opened a crack the wind can pull the suicide doors open in a heartbeat at speed and pull kids out with it. With these in place the only way the rear door could be opened is when the front door is opened. As I recall there was a plate that can be used to disable them when they are not needed.

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