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help with thompson bearing numbers

Guest ricko1

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Guest rickomo1

i found for sale 3 of a MB327, 1 of a CB90, 2 of a CB90 M, 3 of a CB90 STD., and 1 thrust bearing MB328. The outside of the box is labeled: main bearing set MS327.

could some one tell me the application for these or tell me if they are for a lincoln v-12??????

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MS 327M Chrysler, Dodge truck, DeSoto 37-51

MB 327 (babbitt)Chrysler (six), DeSoto (six),Dodge truck 37-51

CB 90 Chrysler (babbitt)(six), Desoto (six), Dodge Trk 37-51

CB 90M Same as CB 90

MB 328 same as MB327

Hope this helps. Reference: Toledo Master Catalog #24. Sure missed on the V-12 parts.


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