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´39 exhaust system

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i´m ordered a stainless system for my ´39 66c and now i discovered that it don´t fit !!

it´s not even close !!!

o´boy it really hearts.

i also buy exhaust hanger kit from another guy and they look like poopoo and i think the kids make them for him.

i look on the internet and found a company in Michigan named "Waldron´s Antique Exhaust".

are they ok ? have anyone bought something from them who could give me a reference?

i also look for exhaust hangers.

How they should look like and how they should be placed.

Can anyone tell me where to buy the correct hangers ?

a picture from a original cars system would make my day



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I dealt with WALDRONS when I purchased a new twin system for my 65 Wildcat and a complete exhaust system for a friends 49 Convertible.

Both were made to factory specs and fitted perfectly and Joe at Waldrons is excellent to deal with (all via the internet)

I wouldn't hesitate to order from them again. Ask him about the hangers and he may have the answers you seek.

Best Regards

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too bad what you experienced!

I ordered a soft steel exhaust system for my 37 Roadmaster Convertible from Waldrons and the fit was close to perfect. Only the the triangular plate that holds the exhaust pipe to the manifold needed a little processing as the new pipe seemed to be thicker. This plate is not part of the delivery, so you need to keep the one from your old exhaust.

What surprised me though was a completely different sound than before. Previously my straight 8 was pretty silent and had a smooth soft sound. Now it sounds like a big block V8 from the 60s, less soft, more coarse and when you push it, the sound gets a hard thud to it.

Good, if you like it that way. Not good if you prefer the smooth and silent glide.



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