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Model 56 Carburetor

Reo M

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I would like to ask for recommendations on a good carb to use on the model 56 in order to drive well. Unfortunately, I do not have the Ball and Ball carb. My car currently has a Rayfield Model L with a 1.5" throat. The car starts easily and runs well until I get to 40-45 mph. It seems that full speed is about 45 mph, ie the carb is full open. I know that the car has a high rear end (4.81, and a heavy limo body.)

Am I correct that it should go faster?

For those of you who drive the car, what carb do you recommend and what is an expected touring top speed?

James Whalen, Oxnard CA

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James Whalen,

I am browsing through the old Peerless forum stuff and just came across your question about the carburetor for the model 56 Peerless. Sorry I didn't see this before.

Yes the 56 takes a Ball & Ball carburetor. This is a four barrel, two stage carburetor with accelerator pump. This will power the Peerless as fast or faster than you want to go. I have a 1916 touring and have had it up to 60 mph with throttle left. I don't drive it this fast but I was trying to out run a storm. A comfortable cruising speed is 40 to 45 mph.

If you need a carburetor let me know, I know someone that has one but it is not cheap, I think he wants $1,000 for it. I also have the manuals on this carburetor.

Let me know if you get this message.

Sorry about the delay. RHL

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