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Rear Coil Spring Question??????


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Have a 64 Jetstar 1 2dr and went to put new coil springs in rear from MOOG, The originals that we took out are 2" higher at 18" then the new ones which are 16", so before we reinstall all this and find out its to low we would like to know if anyone else has come across this or if anyone knows if the old springs may have stretched a little from being weak or do they only shrink from being weak? We think that 2 inches shorter springs are too much, checked with parts store and they were not boxed wrong. any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Guest TwoDoorBuickMan

I have installed Moog coil springs on several cars with good luck. In each case, the new springs were shorter. There is always the possibility of a wrong part, but after the first set. I had faith and good results.

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Heh. I haven't seen many 64 B Oldsmobiles that didn't look like their tail was dragging. Seen many (and Pontiacs too) with coilover shocks installed to help raise the tail.

I'm guessing the new springs are larger diameter round stock than the originals.

Moog also used to make "progressive" coil springs- the heavier they were loaded, the less they'd compress. I've used a couple sets of those.

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