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exhaust flapper on 320ci

Guest Kejsaren

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Guest 39convertible


I sit here and wonder if everybody use their exhaust flappers.

is it common to take it away or is it a "you must use it" ?

i saw that bob´s sell the assembly without it and i havn´t ask them about it.

do i have to use it or could i lock it in place, do they really work after a year or is is stuck in rust and carbon after a few miles?

please tell me your experience of it.

Regards Janne, the Swede with a ´39 66c

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I recommend pinning it in the closed position (or the open position, depending on who you ask--the position that diverts exhaust out the exhaust pipe rather than around the carb). The only reason it's there is to help cold weather warmup, and while I know it gets quite cold in Sweden, I bet your car is only going to see nice weather and it isn't necessary. I thought about welding it in place, but my machine shop drilled a small hole and pinned it instead, which is more easily reversed than welding and less apt to damage the casting.

I wouldn't buy one without the assembly unless it has provisions to some how keep the exhaust gasses away from the carb pad. I bet Bob's is just selling the raw casting and you have to put the guts in it. I don't think they're selling it this way as an "improvement" over original.

Hope this helps.

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Guest 39convertible

hi Matt

i agree , it must be better to lock it in closed position.

i´m only gonna drive it in nice warm weather.

and i don´t need the other position.

maybe other people had other ideas


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