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Good day everyone, I'm looking for a few parts for my newly acquired 1972 Buick Riviera.

- the vinyl covering that goes over the beltline trim on a '72 Riviera.

- the accessory from bumper guards that go over the bumper (on each side of the front license plate)

- a front bumper with the black rubber guard

If you have any items described above, and are willing to part with them...please leave me a message and I'll get back to you.

Thanks in advance.


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What's up Stevo. Oh heavens no, my previous '72 Rivi was all stock and original. I'm going to do the same with this one, but I will be adding an Air Ride Suspension to it. My route to work and back home has a few steep hills and driveways, and my crossmember seems to hit several of those spots. So with the Air Ride Suspension I'll be able to raise the Rivi up when needed. Other than that, I like the Rivi's to be all original.

Glad to be back Stevo!

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