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6 volt jumper pack

Jay Wolf

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Guest 1928Packard526

Jay —

I think you are asking for the sort of stand-by jumper pack which has become common for an assist start for 12 V battery equipped cars. These are not common for those of us that have vehicles with 6V systems, but I have run across one supplier of just that sort of unit.

Lectric Limited Inc.

6750 W 74th St., Suite A.

Bedford Park, IL 60638

PH: 708-563-0400 Fax: 708-563-0416

The unit in question is called a BATTERY BUTLER JUMP-START: 6V, Part # BBJS600. Price in the catalog, $39.00.

I hope this helps.

Pete P.

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I have used a 12 V one to start my 6 V cars with no problem. To jump start the 6 v cars be sure everything is turned off. I also use it to power my CB or GPS. It works fine. The GPS is a big help when on tour and looking for roads. It will tell you what road is next.

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Guest Curt Fouse

I met a friend at a car show that was carrying an extra lead-acid 6 v battery in the trunk of his nice but hard starting Chrysler woodie. I recommended a 6 V Optima battery to him. They are pricy, but are light, put out gobs of cranking power, and can lay in any position.

good luck,


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