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Help With Olds 350

Guest 66olds

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I was wondering if anyone out there has used the Edelbrock Aluminum Heads on a 350 Olds. I know they are made for the 455 but can be used on a 350 but I wanted to get any information from anyone that has done that before I do it. Any help or information or anything I would greatly appreciate it thanks.

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Many have used the Edelbrock heads on the small block Olds. Keep in mind that these heads were designed for the big block. Two problems come up immediately. First, due to the shorter deck height on the small block, the Edelbrock head hits the stock mechanical fuel pump. You must either run an electric pump or have the head machined and welded to clear (I've seen both). Second, the larger ports require you to run a Performer RPM intake and have the intake ports matched to the heads. Of course, the rest of your build must be consistent with the chamber size and higher flow rate of the heads. This means selecting pistons and head gasket to achieve the correct compression ratio given the chamber volume of the heads, picking a cam profile that is correct for the RPM range of the heads, etc. A 350 needs to spin faster to move the same amount of air as a 455.

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