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Front marker/turn signal lights - 88 Reatta


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I have an '88 Reatta and have been able to solve all the multitude of problems I've encountered with this except for the following.

Several months ago I noticed when the parking/headlights are turned on, the bulb in the front closest to the side 'flashes' when turn signals are turned on, but they don't light 'dim' as marker lights as they used to.

Any suggestions? I've replaced the bulbs.

Thank you-



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When the parking lamps are on.....that bulb get power through a resistor located on the drivers side in front of the radiator.....the resistor lowers the power so the lamp "glows" at the same intensity of the other bulbs.

When you turn on the signals, a relay switches power to that bulb and it gets full 12v.

(1) You probably have a bad resistor

(2) The relay could be bad

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