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Brakes need relining


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Had them redone there and they messed them up terribly Relined them with too thick of material making them worthless They used wrong type of lining, and almost doubled the thickness and their solution is to have them redone by them at my expense so I am looking for another solution. I guess I should feel lucky I got my original bands back that I can salvage I just hate paying for some Idiot that says they know what they are doing to mess things up and have to pay again to fix it right

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They were provided with the brake drum, the original bands and the thickness of the lining material

The last conversation with them I was told " We are not responsible for the lining being the incorrect thickness as we had no information on cars that old" Nice response!! was also told that I had 4 options:

1. Find someone with a drum sander and sand the linings to an acceptable thickness. Being careful not to remove too much material and to maintain a uniform surface thickness. But you cautioned me that if this was done that the lining may unravel and become useless.

2. Reline with a different material that could be sanded to any thickness necessary. The concern of this material is that it had to be kept dry or the lining would fail. Probably not a practical solution on a car

that has exposed brake linings.

3. Reline with the proper thickness of lining material.

4. Modify the brake band and modify the attachment point on the car to

allow for the incorrect lining to work.

All of these options were to be completed at my expense.

Yes I have requested a full refund but again was told not their fault but they would refund $250 of the $580 that they charged me to help with the costs of finding someone to do them correctly

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