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Reatta without the side moulding

Guest re-reatta

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I have seen pictures of Reattas without the molding.

I can't say it looks bad, just strange because the side molding is part of the overall design of the trim continuing all around the car. Without the molding, the front trim wraps around and stops at the front wheel opening...........then nothing to tie the front and back trim together.

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Guest spyhunter2k

I removed all of the moldings on my car and converted the front and rear bumpers into one-piece units. The car is painted, but the front and rear bumpers are STILL in primer. The only thing holding me up is making a small front spoiler and I will mold both the front and rear bumpers so that they can be reproduced in fiberglass. I don't have a pic handy, but I originally posted pics about two years ago in a "smoothing" thread.

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