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86 Riv; Glove box will not open


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I recently picked up an 86 Riviera with 100k miles. It needs a few items repaired. One of these being the glove box. When the button is pressed the solenoid can be heard which is supposed to open the glove box door. Looking up underneath the intrument panel, I can watch the soleniod work fine, but I cannot seem to get the door open even by giving it a pull. Is it possible there is a rod or cable that could be broken that is to be attached to the solenoid that acts as the latch? Or could the door just be jammed somehow? This problem must have shown up on more than this one car.

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There's a lever next to the solenoid, give it a tug (can't remember the direction) and the door should open. The front latch works through a cable attachment to that lever, though it is possible that the cable is broken.

In any case, worse comes to worse you could just muscle it open. Jim Finn, the Reatta Forum's resident parts guy can inexpensively supply you with whatever you break in the process of opening it up. JFinn@CPInternet.com

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