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1942 Mercury Registry Project

Guest RICHM V-8

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Guest RICHM V-8

<span style="font-weight: bold">*** Attention 1942 Mercury Owners Only! ***</span>

Announcing 1942 Mercury Registry Project. The "29A Club"

We are fairly well along on an extensive Registry project for these rare and distinctive cars. If you own one (restored, unrestored, work in progress, parts car, car for sale, etc.), please consider registering it for this opportunity to share with your fellow "29A" owners. We will strictly share the listing to only those who participate (but you must be a current owner of a 1942 Mercury):

We need the following basic information:

Model: Four Door Sedan (73), Two Door Sedan (70), Sedan Coupe (72), Convertible Coupe (76), Three Passenger Coupe (77), Station Wagon (79)

Serial Number (original *99Axxxxxx* frame/VIN)

Body Color: (use Mercury color name as appropriate)

Interior Color/scheme:

Condition: Running/Not Running, Unrestored original, Fully Restored, In Process Restoration Project car, Street Rod, Modified for Touring, Parts Car, other

Judged Awards if any: Where, class, award?

Car For Sale? If so, you may give particulars

Owner Name, City, State, Country

Email Address:

Early Ford V8 Club Member Yes/No, Regional group #?

Photos: 1 exterior front 3/4 view, 1 interior view (if available)

Email only to: Richard Miller, Early Ford V8 Club of America, SoCal Regional Group 11, owner of 29A/70 richmv8@earthlink.net

We hope to be able to publish some rare data in good form to provide some documentation for your cars in return for your helping us establish the registry. We currently have virtually all original Mercury dealer publications and factory ads for these cars, along with all parts manuals and original owner's manuals. The intent is to enable some "networking" among us owners of these cars to share restoration information or other simple assistance based on our personal experiences, resources, specialized parts access, etc. This is not a formal project or membership operation yet and we will respect privacy of your information to only those of us who are in this registry. No one else or any commercial enterprise will be given the information nor are they invited to participate. We hope to help all owners with information, parts identification, correct restoration information sharing, factory information, and general self help data to further enjoy our rare vehicles.

Thanks for your consideration and sharing.

You may not know just how rare these cars are! This invitation is open to all current 1942 Mercury owners only.

Rich Miller

(this is NOT a technical forum, please do not send forum type tech questions at this time, thanks)

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Guest donna5

I'm desperate to track down a 1942 Mercury sedan sold in West Danville, VT in 1974. I can give the sellers' names but do not have the buyers name. I know this registry is closed to all but current owners, but if you can point me in a direction of where I can go from here to locate the vehicle I'd really appreciate it. It was called the "Burgundy Bomber", had a custom grill and some non-original parts but it was a beauty. Thanks for any help you can possibly be.

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