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<span style="color: #000099"><span style="font-size: 11pt">I realize that most of you guys are into much older stuff but I thought I would ask any way.

I have recently aquired a 1959 Dodge. It came with an original 1959 Dodge factory manual that shows a 325 cid V8. This is the engine that I have. It runs like crap. I found that there are two intake push rods missing, I expect that they are in the valley.

My question has to do with gaskets. All of the parts (gasket)suppliers dont show a 325 in 1959 but rather a 326. The 325 shows up in 57 and 58. By looking at the pictures online it would appear that the intake gaskets are the same. However the bore and stroke are different from each other.

Any engine guys out there have any input here? Anybody have one of these laying around that may have a couple of push rods available?

Thanks ,,JACK</span></span>

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