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radio brain mods


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What do you have in mind? The easiest thing to change on these is probably adding pre-outs so the internal amp (which is average at best) could be bypassed and some outboard amps could be used instead for improved sound quality.

I know from past threads that you have already experimented with different RIM modules to overcome the sound quality limitations of the stock setup (the 95 Cadillac Eldorado/Seville module in particular) and this is probably the easier way to achieve that objective. Granted, you do lose the EQ and balance controls, which is less than desirable.

Outside of that, most of the functionality is either fixed with regards to the tuner, or done in firmware like other modules. This means that it can theoretically be modified at least to some extent, but you are in uncharted territory on the RIM firmware. Probably even more obscure than BCM coding.

The one useful mod I could think of is a micro controller setup that could emulate the tape deck E&C bus commands sent and received to use as an interface adapter for an MP3 player or other such device.

This wouldn't necessarily require any mods to the radio itself, but the custom development of a new bit of electronics to act as a go between. The challenge here is in learning how to "talk" to the E&C bus. I have found virtually no documentation on this protocol online.

Anyway, I'm not sure I can be of much help but if you have something specific in mind, run it by me. I may have some suggestions at least.


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Guest F14CRAZY

Try asking Padgett about this. He once mentioned modifying the BCM to change where things are on the CRT and using the odometer to display other things

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I want to eleminate the portion of the radio/amp that turns down the bass as the volume is increased. This function is to protect factory speakers but kills great sound when a high performance speaker is added. There are a few things on the market that are supposed to help, but out of all the ones I have tried do not come close to fixing the bass roll-off of the factory unit.

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