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1950 Olds 88 bumper jack storage


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Guest Bob Call

I don't have a photo, but, recalling from a 51 Chevy I had, same body, when the wheel is placed in to the storage well the outside of the wheel faces to the center of the trunk. There is a threaded rod on a bracket behind the wheel that is placed through the the center of the wheel and bumper jack base plate fits onto the rod into the center of the wheel and is held in place by a large (3 inches or so) wing nut. The bumper jack fits between the wheel and the outer body, There should be a metal loop hear the trunk hinge that the upper end of the jack fits into and a "lug" on the trunk floor for the bottom end of the jack.

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Guest oldmobile1

Was just reading your post, and I never thought too much about it. So, I just went out and looked at my trunk and jack instructions. The only thing on the instructions is how to jack the car up. No storage instructions. Mine just lay on the shelf above the trunk floor, behind the back seat. I think that Olds, along with Cadillac had a zipper pouch that the jack, base, and handle were put into, and just set on that shelf in the trunk. I've got the jacks cleaned and restored in both my cars, just kind of let them be displayed in that area of the trunk. They have been there for years, and don't rattle or fall off. You're right, not a lot of action on 1950 Oldsmobile here. Doug

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