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WANTED: Hand Throttle for '36 Plymouth

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The '36 Plymouth, like many other cars of that era has a foot-operated starter button. The starter button is engaged using your right foot thus making that foot unavailable for accelerator pedal use. Therefore, most cars with starter buttons have a means to open the throttle by hand when starting the car.

The hand throttle in the '36 has the word "throttle" molded into the plastic button. The '36 Plymouth also has a choke button with the word "choke" molded into it. The button and cable are the same except for the words molded into them.

The button is molded onto a steel shaft which in turn has the control wire crimped into it. My wire broke about 10" from the carb end. So now I have to try push on the gas pedal with my left foot while starting the car.

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