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Looking 4 Shipping Advise on early 1900's bare frame


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What would be the best way (cheap) to ship an early 1900's rolling frame cross country ... California (LA) to Toronto?

Relatively small & light, just the side rails and wheels (rims only) assembled ... a rolling frame?

Most shippers will want a running vehicle ... :-(

I'm considering buying this rolling frame (rare), but need to find a way to get it home ...

Any advise would be appreciated ...

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I'm afraid its too late to do anything about it now ... frown.gif

Just an item on ebay that sold early with a 'Buy It Now' ...

I would of 'Bought It Now' ... immediately ... if I thought I could arrange shipping ...

I think someone has made a pretty Good Purchase ... being as its probably 1 of about 50 made that year ... the 2nd year in production ...

1906 Rauch and Lang Rare Antique Electric Project Chassis

Item number: 150283917549



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Guest EMF-Owner

Don't know if you noticed or not, but this chassis is back up on ebay.

This may not be a 1906 chassis. The wheels look like steel fellow demountables, which would not have been used until well into the teens. Does appear to be chain driven as a car of this period would be.

Good luck finding enough parts to complete it.

Have a good day.


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I appreciate you letting me know ...

I did receive a notice about being relisted through ebay this morning ...

The shipping would probably be more than the frame with the distance involved ...

I'll have to keep looking for something a little 'better' or 'closer' ...

As to the actual year, I only know that chain drive had disappeared before 1912 on the Rauch & Lang ...

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Once again ... thank you for the heads up ...

I'm still looking ... been looking for the last few years as well ... just something rough for a winter (several winters) project ...

I posted (moved)this in the electric vehicle forum with the picture and listing number ...

If I could pick it up cheap enough, and arrange transportation, I probably would take a chance, although I realize it could probably never be restored to origional ...

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