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'25 Studebaker Standard Six - Help Needed


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I have recently purchased a '25 Stude Standard Six Phaeton.

I have two parts questions:


I need to replace the front wheel bearings. To give me a head start before I get it up on the lift: Does anyone have a size measurement or part number so that I can find them?

I don't figure the old Studebaker part number will be much help.


I have been working on the gear-activated lighting assembly at the bottom of the steering shaft.

The Remy box housing where the light switch resides is mounted atop a base. A shaft connected to a gear comes up through the center of this base and moves the light switch to the desired position.

This base, amazingly, is made of potmetal, and much of it has been broken off over the years during repair, and I've broken even more off myself.

Does anyone out there have any leads on where I might find another potmetal base in intact condition? I'd be happy with just the base, but would take the base + lighting switch assembly also.

Thanks so much for your time!

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I can't help you with the light assembly. Good luck with that one.

Take the wheel bearings to a NAPA jobber along with your Studebaker part number and I'm willing to bet they can help you out. I took the wheel bearings to my 26 Chevy to a local NAPA jobber and they used the number off the bearings. They had to make a few phone calls but I had my bearings the next day.

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Not at all. I've had very good results getting parts from NAPA.

Sometimes you don't even need a part number, just the part. They take a few measurements, make a few phone calls, and POOF, the part is on it's way.

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I am looking at a Hollander Interchange Manual copyright 1940 which has the following information:

Studebaker 1925-1926 Std;Lt. 6

Front Inner wheel bearing- 2785-2729

Front Outer wheel bearing- 1751-1729

The bearing interchange section shows that the inner bearing

(2785-2729) was also used on the 1927 Stude Med:Spec.EQ and the 1927-1928 Stude Std;Dict.6

The outer bearing(1751-1729) was also used on the 1928-1929 Durant 75,D80,70 and the 1926-1929 W.Kn. 70.70A as well as the 1929-1930 W.Kn. 66B.

I hope these numbers will help you get started with that part of the restoration- good luck!


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Guest stude8


You might inquire with Steve Munts (Custom Antique Parts)in Spokane, WA 509-892-9258 "srmunts@mindspring.com". He reproduces many Studebaker prewar metal parts in Brass. The wait may be long if not in stock but he just supplied some steering column lever handles for my 1928 Commander. Like yours the diecast Zinc parts had deteriorated to crumbled pieces after 80 years. Stude8

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