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  1. Bloo, It's been a pleasure following your adventurous road trip. Looking forward to the next chapter. Continued safe travels on your journey home with that wonderful Pontiac.
  2. Reade- will this be of any use to you?
  3. Reade- The VIN is located on a tag on the left front door post. Matching serial number is located on a raised pad on the front left side of the cylinder block. If you're working on a restoration project, the Early Times Chapter(ETC) of the Pontiac Oakland Club International(POCI) is a great resource. Good luck with your project- Dave
  4. Robert G Smits- I believe you are mistaken about your cancellation post. It is the OPW Oakland Pontiac Worldwide, a region of the AACA, which has been cancelled. This was a tour around Berlin, Ohio. Enjoy the upcoming events- Dave
  5. pont35cpe- from my master parts catalog your number is designed for the 1941 model 2609 which is the four door streamliner six. Hope this helps- Dave.
  6. Grubin, Another option may be Opitz Transmissions in Schenectady, NY. 2165 Van Vranken Ave. Phone 518-374-8923 I have no connection to this business just providing an option. Good luck- Dave
  7. kookie1 & RussJagoau- just back back after a long day yesterday. Thank you so much for the info and part #'s for the u-joints. This will be a big help! Dave
  8. RussJagoau- Will this u-joint work for the front application as well or is there another?? Thanks- Dave
  9. Kookie1- Excellent workmanship! Where did you get the U-joint with the grease fitting? Thanks for your response. Dave
  10. Wes- Yes you can come as a spectator for the Saturday show. The meet brochure lists the The Saratoga Auto Museum as having an open house on Friday to AACA members and there is a barbecue scheduled for that evening which requires a sign up as part of registration. This registration has been extended to May 28th. Hope you can make the show- you will enjoy the venues. Dave
  11. Good morning JOBO- if parting out motor parts I would be interested in the water tube which services both heads as shown in photo #2. Thank you Dave.
  12. 53ponty- from the twenty-third edition of the Hollander Manual it shows that the '49-'54 6 cylinder Pontiac used the same starter which was #1107107 which replaced #1107079. If you have a Power Glide transmission the number listed is #1107144 for that year only. The folks of the Early Times Chapter of the Pontiac-Oakland Club International(POCI) are a great resource of knowledge. Please consider them if you haven't met and joined the group. Good luck with your project- Dave.
  13. The Hollander Manual for that period lists the #17046 Buick '26-27 Standard and Master as the interchange with the note "see #29" which has it numbered as 640J.
  14. Norman- here is some info that I hope will be helpful. Kurt Kelsey is the gentleman you are looking for and his phone is 641-648-9086. Also kelsey@praireinet.net. Good luck- Dave
  15. From the Motors Factory Shop Manual - firing order on the 8 cylinder 1-6-2-5-8-3-7-4. Good luck with your car- Dave
  16. Great job! I'm glad I could help- enjoy your car- Dave.
  17. Hi Billbarter, A quick search shows Kanter Auto in New Jersey is one source that does list components for 1941 Pontiac. Good luck - Dave
  18. Hello Greenie, According to my Hollander Manual, copyright 1940, distributor 647F is for a 1937-1939 Olds 6 cylinder. Hope this helps- Dave
  19. 32Pontiac, I have used Rhode Island Wiring Service on 2 different occasions and am very happy with the results. They pay particular attention to the authenticity necessary which you expressed in asking about color, style, etc. Here is their contact info: www.riwire.com Phone 401-789-1955 M-F 9-5 EST Good luck on your project- Dave
  20. Peter, Have a conversation with Mike at Quality Body and Fender, Rt 30A, Fultonville, N.Y. Phone 518-853-4599 Good luck on your project- Dave
  21. Good morning grubin, At last years show there were many trailers parked at the Eastern-most edge of this huge facility. Some owners used their antique vehicle as transportation while others drove their tow vehicle with their antique left in the trailer on site. Good luck- will try to make a point of seeing you- Dave
  22. A very informative topic. Edinmass- I enjoy reading your insights on all topics throughout this forum and would appreciate your feeling as to what size extinguisher is sufficient to carry in a vehicle being displayed on a show field or participating on day tours with a group of other antique autos? Thanks- Dave
  23. Hi Guys, I picked up a door sills catalogue at Hershey which lists sills for a 1930 4 dr. Custom Sedan. I don't have the gentleman's name but here is his contact info. Phone- 973-423-1196 and Email- doorsills@gmail.com. He is out of New Jersey and does a brisk business at Hershey. Impressive catalogue listings of all years and makes. Hope this helps- Dave
  24. Phil, Just arrived back home from this last week in Hershey. What a professional job- I'm glad I was able to point you in the right direction. Dave
  25. Phil, It hooks into a steel dowel pin on the raised boss of the flywheel cover. The pin has an appropriate hole to receive the spring. Dave
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