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  1. Thanks all. Here's my findings: Both VIN plates were indeed behind right front wheel on frame rail. (Thank you!) On the roadster, the VIN plate number does match what the previous owner had it registered under. However, on the Coupe, it does NOT match what the car was previously registered under......wonder why? I'm not sure if my local tag office will go for it. Anyone have experience with this stateside?
  2. Hello friends. Recently moved to PA. from NYC, and am trying to register both my 1930 64C roadster and 68 Victoria out here . (no more inspections!) I must photograph VIN #s for tag office. On the roadster (Non Fisher body) I cannot locate a plate, and see only what look like part numbers on manifold/block. On the coupe (fisher) there is a ID plate on firewall, but no VIN on it that I can see. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello Buick friends - I have a 1930 68 victoria coupe. (I also have a 64 roadster that I brought to Allentown) The coupe is a great running car that i drive everywhere, but is in need of body work. Both doors are coming unhinged due to wood rot in the door sills. The rest of the body seems to be staying together, but the doors are a real issue. I'm looking for recommendations in the Buick community who could do the body work, without taking advantage of me price-wise. I don't have the money to do a frame rebuild, and just wanted to see if a partial frame repair is possible to get the doors back on. All Best, Michael
  4. Hello! I'm looking for a complete set of wheel lugs for my 1930 Model 64. I have STEEL WIRE WHEELS. Anyone know of a source for these? Many thanks, Michael
  5. Happy news: I was wrong! when the wheel came off, nothing snapped. Upon further inspection and comparing with my 68, the area i thought that had "broken" near the chassis is really a damper meant to slide in and out. However, it does look like this area used to be covered by a leather boot. Anyone have a source on these? I will still need to find the correct wheel lugs, too. Any leads there? Many thanks, Michael
  6. Greetings, Community. Sadly, the wrong wheel lugs were used on my 1930 Buick 60 during a recent service. Consequently, the passenger front wheel came off while driving. Luckily I felt it about to happen and slowed to a stop just as it happened. I have the steel wire wheels. In the process, the passenger right upper arm housing that mounts to the chassis cracked right down the middle. Apologies for not knowing the correct term for this part. The rod inside seems ok. I need to find a replacement. I may temporarily take the one off my series 60 coupe so that I can make the show in Allentown later this month, but hate to do that to her. Does anyone have a lead on where I can find one? Does anyone make castings of these? (doubt it!) Or is there stock somewhere, anyone parting out? Many thanks, Michael
  7. Dear Buick Friends - I am in need of replacement starter bendix drive for my 1930 buick 64. Part No. R11A i am not sure if anyone can rebuild these, but if so, any leads are appreciated. Many Thanks! Michael
  8. Thanks Don. Yes, i learned to lubricate the fan gears the hard way a long time ago! thanks for your reply.
  9. Thanks Larry - so glad you are enjoying the music! We have another recording which will be done soon, I'll send you that too if you like. Regarding the pulley: How does it demount from the crankshaft; any idea? Or would the machinist straighten it out attached to the block? seems tough to access on the engine and the radiator might need to come out? thanks! Michael
  10. Greetings - Regarding my 1930 Buick model 68: The damper pulley (the one that runs directly off the crankshaft and spins the fanbelt) is bent and wobbles when it spins. It is NOT loose. The warping is not drastic; the belt stays on fine and doesn't seem to wiggle, but it is also not minor; it's clearly visible. It was this way when I purchased the car. Since then, I've driven the car over a thousand miles like this without incident, but I'm wondering what i should do? Am I damaging the engine, welcoming a larger problem by keeping it this way? I could try straightening it, but am afraid of causing a bigger problem. should i look for a replacement damper pulley? Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Best, Michael
  11. Michael - If you have photos, I would be most grateful! Mine are so broken up, pieces missing, etc., that it's tough to know the original design. I know i could fabricate something, but i'd love to see what the original idea was nonetheless. many thanks!
  12. Thanks so much Mark - Yes, i have that exact orange fram rocker assy set-up. what filter fits it? UOTE=Mark Shaw;1277767][ATTACH=CONFIG]239630[/ATTACH] The large oil pan is actually a settling basin type "filter" in most older cars. However, you can pick up a Fram type filter housing that can filter just the rocker assy.
  13. Hello - On my 1930 Victoria Coupe Model 68: Both of the pot-metal floor mounts for the passenger jumpseat are broken beyond repair. anybody have a lead on where i might find replacements? has anyone made these? Thank you!
  14. Hello! Just curious what oil filter (with part number) anyone recommends for best fitment on 1930 series 60 buicks. can't seem to find it in any of my literature. Many thanks!
  15. thanks for the good advice, gents. Larry, i remember meeting you and enjoying chatting. kindly forward you email address, and I'll send my orchestra's latest CD out to you. And i hope to see you again at macungie this year. all best, michael