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Unknown distributors

Guest timc

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I have four distributors, but do not know what they fit. Any help would be much appreciated. They are:

Auto-lite IGS 4107

Auto-lite IGS 4108

Auto-lite IGC 4703

Delco remy 1912414

I have some old catalogs, but these are not listed.



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My books show a suffix after the numbers for the Auto-lite distributors. For what it's worth, here is what I found:

IGS 4107-1 '40 Dodge D14, D17

IGS 4108-1 '40 Dodge D16, D16S, '40 Dodge D14 Canada, '40 Plymouth P9, P10, SP9 Canada, '40 De Soto S7, '40 Chrysler C25, 6cyl.

IGC 4703A-1 '42 Dodge truck, WD20, WD 21, (T116), "for models with low compression head"

Above info is from 1947 Auto-Lite Service Parts Catalog. None of the numbers were present without a suffix. Dave

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