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Chrysler TC by Maserati turbo 4cy convertible - $1300

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I talked to the owner on the phone. He has owned the car for a month. The interior is rough, He told me that the speedometer is broken, the tach bounces around, drivers side power widows do not work and the widow on the rag top is missing, but the rag top is in good condition otherwise. The price seems reasonable, ( Ebay currently has a triple black TC with a blown engine for $1005) What other areas of the car sholud I ask him about before I fly out there to see the car? Are all these issues fixable or are any of these items deal breakers.


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I'd ask him about the following:

0. Drivetrain? Engine/Turbo/tranny OK?

1. Headlights - any rock holes?

2. All other electronics (ABS brakes, signals, adjustable seats, etc.) still working?

3. A/C? (if you care).

4. Oil leaks?

5. Hard top? Does he still have it?

6. Cosmetic/fixable, but I'd still ask: hood/trunk/tonneau all stay open on their own (struts), pull down for soft top still work, does he have the hard top, other accessories (spare tire, umbrella, owner's manual, etc.).

You can still find almost all of the critical parts you'll need. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that you can't get either from other TC members (parting out), evil-bay, or using other brands (GM, le barons, etc.).

I'd take a look at it for you, but it's about 45 minutes from where I live and I'm heading out this weekend on one last vacation before school starts for the kids.

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