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fluids for a 901

Earl B.

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What weight oil goes in the transmission, universal joints, and rear end? Does oil or grease go in the steering box? Either way--what weight? Again, thank all of you for the help... one day, she'll roar again!!!...B

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In both my 30 and 34 I use Lubriplate 600 in the rear diff and steering box. In the 34, I use 90/160 in the transmission, and Lubriplate 600 in the 30. This is all according to the manuals.

The manual states that the universal joint on the 34 should have 160.

I would think the 901 would be closer in requirements to the 11th series than the 7th series.



p.s. I use 50W in the Bijur system. Don't forget to fill that reservoir!

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I've been using Valvoline SAE85W-140 HP gear oil in my 34 differential, transmission, steering gear box, and universal joints for many, many years, at least 30 or more, never a problem or need to service any of those units, and pretty close to Packard's recommendation of SAE90 in the winter and 140 or 160 in the summer. Never use grease in the steering gear box, it "channels" away from the wear surfaces and can leave them naked. If it leaks and you are unwilling to repack the gland at the bottom, going to a 600W or steam oil might be an alternative.

I analyzed Bijur oil many years ago, it's reasonably close to SAE50 motor oil though I'm sure SAE 40 would do just as well, perhaps meter a bit faster. Other than garage floor cleanliness I think this might only be a possible issue with regard to the drip plug for the throwout bearing where you want to avoid overoiling. I'm sure many of us have replaced the throwout bearing with a sealed unit and disabled the drip plug to the throwout anyway.

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