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Here is a list of some of the places you might get a manual. The manual will be for both the Reatta and Riviera.<BR>**HELM (www.helminc.com) is the source for new official factory manuals, they are $90.00 (1990 just went to $120)<BR>Used manuals usually run between $30-$70, depending on the dealer........<BR>These are people that sell used manuals and may not have your year, but most will put you on the list and call you when they get one. <BR>Ask what edition the used manual happens to be... NEW PRODUCT INFORMATION (in red) manuals are prelimanary and not complete, the price should be only $10-15. FINAL EDITION (in red) is just that, the last printing. Then there is the regular edition with no special designation in red.... those are totally acceptable editions.<BR>** Gary Abdella 888-295-7933 (Gary also has other Reatta memorabillia) <BR>** Voss Motor Inc (www.books4cars.com)888-380-9277<BR>** Dan Bower (www.factoryautomanuals.com) <BR>** Ted Weens (www.factoryshopmanuals.com)<BR>12/20,they had only'91. If you mention the Reatta club they will pay the shipping.<BR>** Ken Mcgee Holdings (canada)519-525-5821<BR>** DSN Marketing (canada) 800-668-5539.<BR>** Faxon 800-348-2734<BR>** P.J.'s Auto Literature 319-345-6760<P>Barney Eaton BCA technical advisor for Reattas

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