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wanted/white chaindrive 3 ton truck parts circa 1910-1918

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looking for a gearbox,radiator,steering box,rear sprockets/hubs for a white chaindrive truck,I have a good rolling chassis [wb 13ft 6'] and engine,and chaindrive with front sprockets, any literature would help as only been able to find pictures on the web, and some form of reference could help with restoration, thanks.

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i have located a gearbox, and some other smaller attachments, driveshaft/handbrake/step brackets/roller chain, 2 main items i need are a radiator and a r/h steering box, i have also i/d this as a 3 ton model TAD of no later than 1916, going by pictures and info i've gathered so far, i believe the radiator size, and sheetmetal on the smaller 1 1/2 and 2 ton trucks could be the same for the 3 ton model as the engine size looks the same? could be wrong about this, but in pictures i've seen the dimensions and position of engine radiator firewall etc are very close to my model.

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