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  1. wanted: a stromberg updraft carburetor- mp2, this is a rare carb for a 1920's pierce arrow 2 ton truck, carb is brass and air intake is angled back towards engine block, has a 2 bolt flange, and total width of flange outside to outside is 3 1/2 inches, throat size 1 1/2 inches, if you can help let me know please, thanks mike
  2. wtd: 1915/16 white 5 ton truck parts wanted, these were chaindrive trucks and were produced between 1912-1918, i am looking for any mechanical parts or literature to complete my restoration, main parts needed are the radiator which was a tube type with a brass shell and had shock absorbers on each side of the rad shell that attached to the chassis, a steering box and drop arm, any sheetmetal or patterns, bonnet clips etc, interested in any parts or leads, thanks Mike.
  3. also looking for the correct carburetor, updraft stromberg no. A-6572-MP2, and a delco generator and starter motor, can anyone help? thanks Mike.
  4. looking for an engine, and steering box for a 1912-1919 Daimler 3 ton truck, model CJK22, engine is sleeve valve, this is the short wheelbase model [11 ft 6'] but CK and CL models had same mecanicals, some were buses or charablancs, mine is an x war dept chassis, any parts would be of interest, thanks.
  5. i have located a gearbox, and some other smaller attachments, driveshaft/handbrake/step brackets/roller chain, 2 main items i need are a radiator and a r/h steering box, i have also i/d this as a 3 ton model TAD of no later than 1916, going by pictures and info i've gathered so far, i believe the radiator size, and sheetmetal on the smaller 1 1/2 and 2 ton trucks could be the same for the 3 ton model as the engine size looks the same? could be wrong about this, but in pictures i've seen the dimensions and position of engine radiator firewall etc are very close to my model.
  6. have found most parts, needed are a pierce arrow updraft carb [2 bolt flange, total width 3 1/2 inches] and a starter motor and generator, which i've been told would have been made by westinghouse?, also looking for both- solid front wheels [36' x 4'] 5 steel spokes, made by the 'bethlehem steel company' any leads would be much appreciated, thanks.
  7. hi, have a friend looking for a 4 cyl model 30, wisconsin motor, motor is 30 h/p and has a 3 3/4 inch bore x 5 inch stroke and this engine may have been used in other cars, his cutting car is complete other than motor and in excellent original condition including sheetmetal,lights,seats, any leads would be much appreciated, thanks Mike.
  8. hi, looking for correct front wheels for a 1923 pierce arrow xa 2 ton model, rear solids have 'bethlehem steel company' stamped on one of the steel spokes, and from pictures i've seen would have 5 heavy rounded spokes, so presume front wheels would be by same maker? can anyone help, as these would make this project 95% complete, thanks mike.
  9. looking for a pair of solid front wheels for PA 2 ton truck, rear wheels have ''Bethlehem Steel Company'' stamped on one steel spoke,so presume front wheels would be same make, size 36'x4' [5 spokes] tapered centers.
  10. looking for a gearbox,radiator,steering box,rear sprockets/hubs for a white chaindrive truck,I have a good rolling chassis [wb 13ft 6'] and engine,and chaindrive with front sprockets, any literature would help as only been able to find pictures on the web, and some form of reference could help with restoration, thanks.
  11. looking for any mechanical parts/ motor/drivetrain/radiator for a 1926 XA [2 ton] pierce arrow truck, I have a decent rolling chassis.
  12. Photos of Pierce Arrow Truck Chassis, as found, has patent tag on top of diff (sept 17th 1918) could be a model x, 3 or 4 tonner?
  13. Photos of Pierce Arrow Truck Chassis, as found, has patent tag on top of diff (sept 17th 1918) could be a model x, 3 or 4 tonner?
  14. yes I know, I found it easier to get photos uploaded onto members gallery, have only had a year on computer, starting to get the hang of it.
  15. hi, have posted 3 pictures on members gallery, titled-1920's pierce arrow truck chassis- remember we all have to start somewhere.
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