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Starting in July, all French motorists must carry a reflective safety triangle and a reflective vest in their car. I wonder if this will save a few lives.

It's interesting to note that classic car insurance seems to be cheaper in France than in the U.S., at least judging by the ads in La Vie de l'Auto, the French vintage car weekly. This is a good magazine, by the way, even if you don't read French. Lots of photos and car ads; kind of like Hemmings but with more articles on the social aspect of car collecting.

Phil Jamison

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Hi Phil!

I think in France it's already for two years that you have to keep a safety vest in your car! We go there several times a year so we have one with us (with a Citroen DS on the back!).

It certainly will save some lives, I'm sure of it, you have to wear this vest if you break down and there's no P(arking)nearby.

Don't know any excact numbers, but quite some people get killed when they are standing next to their broken down vehicle. Hope I will never have to use it!

I agree with you about LVA, this is an informative magazine with lots of data.

Recommend it to everyone: www.lva-auto.fr

Carine wink.gif

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Hi Phil!

You like small cars don't you?

Just found a funny model of a 2CV, perhaps you like it!

I took this pic in May 2008 at the Citromobile exhibition in Utrecht, a yearly event the first weekend of May.

Parking for Citroens only!

It came from Germany and some one did a lot of work!



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