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No heat #2, Air Mix door electrical check?

Guest wally888

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Guest wally888

Calling all electricians!<BR> The recent ,"No Heat..........' post got me to thinking.<BR> I think the Reatta and my wifes Caddy have exactly the same electrical configuration re. the Air Mix/ Blend door motor. Page 8A-68-1 in the 89 Service Manual.<BR> The Motor is 5 volts w/ a potentiometer providing feedback ( thought I'd throw that in, not sure what it means) but, my question is: I would like to disconnect the Motor wiring, 5 wires in a plug, then apply 5 volts to motor to see if it will run. Does not run when changing settings on the Climate control from lowest to highest. Or, how can I tell if the doors refusal to move is due to the motor or the programmer? Door is not stuck.<BR> Suggestions on how to do this. I can identify the proper wires. I think, and won't be sending any current back to BCM?

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