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Magneto kill switch.

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I've asked for this before, but now I have a picture. It's not a great picture, or maybe it is. It's from the original Franklin manual. It's a brass switch with a black plastic (phenolic, bakelite?) knob. It serves to ground out the magneto. I think it's made by Bosch. I would imagine other makes used it. Anyone have something like this?


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Hi Steve, I don't know of anyone having one of these switches that they would part with. I looked for one for 7+ years for my '10 Franklin before finally finding one, and still need another for my 2nd car. They are exceedingly rare today, although I have seen them on a number of cars. Don't know where they all went??? There is a much more common variation of a Bosch kill switch out there that is a bit smaller in diameter, and uses a twist type, removeable knob, which doesn't look bad in place. I might even have one or two laying around if you're interested. Let me know and I'll take a look through the parts bin. The original brass switch does not look like it would be all that difficult to reproduce, and I may end up doing so if I can't locate another by the time I get around to completing my 2nd '10-G. That might be awhile though as I have a lot to do in getting my '07-D on the road before getting back on the 1st G. Bob

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