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  1. I've tried car fax and a lot of other websites that look up your vin but no luck. I'll keep trying. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. Well I started out looking for a 1934 Chrysler for my husband that he had many years ago as a surprise. But thought I'd also look for my 1981 Camaro.
  3. I'm trying to see if a car I had years ago is still around somewhere. Where would I start looking? I have the VIN. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  4. Thank you! I'll get in touch with him
  5. We were at Hershey and stopped by the Buick Club tent. We were given a list of Vendor & their spaces. Wondered how we could get on that list? Anyone know who I need to contact?
  6. We filled out the form for a swap meet space and mailed it in. Now my question is whether I should start looking for a hotel room or not. Does anyone know when we should get word back as to whether we have a space or not? Thanks!
  7. We've had the chrome re-plated and now have questions on what needs to have the "stripes" painted black. Do the depressions on the trunk hinge need to be painted black? How about the ones on the trunk handle? Door handles? How much of the chrome needs details to be painted?????
  8. We have a two tone gray 48 Buick Super. Unfortunately the wheels are painted navy blue. We'd like to paint them red with the gray pinstriping. Anyone know what shade of red is correct? Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I'll have to go looking for it.
  10. Thanks! Where would I find the Buick History you mentioned? Is it on-line or a book?
  11. We recently bought a 1948 Buick Super. On the front there is an emblem with what looks like part of a knights armor along with other items. One actually looks like a deer head. Does anyone know what this emblem is and what the pictures represent?
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